Innovation for Equality


A program to support the most outstanding social entrepreneurs of the future

Welcome to Innovation for Equality 2.0

"Innovation for Equality" is a program that aims to help social entrepreneurs to understand the ecosystem in which they are embedded so that they can design innovative and effective solutions to tackle inequality in Latin America. This is the first online workshop where the most sophisticated analysis techniques of social sciences are articulated with the most modern tools for social entrepreneurship. In this workshop, we will evaluate the literature on the root causes of inequality in Latin America, the tools of social entrepreneurship and will take practical implementation of a plan of social entrepreneurship along with a personalized tutor. The program provides an opportunity to learn about the use of technical tools and put them into practice to generate and design ideas for building a self-sustaining organization that develops financial products or services that improve the social problems of the ecosystem in question.

Innovation for Equality 2.0

Thanks to the success of our first generation and the support of all our partners, we launched “Innovation for Equality 2.0”, which consists of developing more advanced entrepreneurs who already have experience fighting inequality in Latin America and who want to strengthen their leadership skills, their positioning strategy brand and its growth strategy. It is an online workshop where the most sophisticated techniques of social science analysis are articulated, with the most modern tools for social entrepreneurship. In this workshop, we will evaluate the literature on the root causes of inequality in Latin America, the tools of positioning and growth in social entrepreneurship will be taught, and the implementation of an escalation plan will be carried out together with a personalised tutor. The program offers the opportunity to learn about the use of technical tools, as well as to put them into practice to generate and design ideas to scale your organisation so it is self-sustaining, strengthening its products or services and having a greater impact on the problems of the ecosystem in question.

The Outstanding Project Award

At the end of the program, the most outstanding project and the best projects will be selected by the most active community of entrepreneurship and social investment the Bay Area United States. There will be involved an active network of investors, who every year spend a percentage of their resources in social projects.On Friday April 6 all participants are summoned to present their project to a panel of experts who will work as a court evaluation at the University of Berkeley. On that day, students have to defend their project demonstrating the data collected, the diagnosis made and objectives to fulfill.

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Who is it for?
  • Professionals who see themselves as entrepreneurs and are committed to their community
  • Professionals who have experience developing innovative programs that help improve their community.
  • Professionals who have a long-term social development vision
  • Professionals who have experience in fundraising for social cause campaigns.
  • Professionals who have previous work experience related with civil society organizations and / or social enterprises.
  • Professionals consider that poverty alleviation is linked to the development of the capacities of communities rather than mitigating their short-term shortages.
  • Professionals who are willing to explore innovations in their processes and community outreach policies.
  • Professionals who recognize that community development eliminates risks in the viability of their projects.

Program Objectives.

Innovative approaches are increasingly seen as key to solving difficult challenges, complex and above all historical. The project needed to develop social innovations or frameworks that foster innovation must be supported by appropriate methodology to achieve the expected results.

The specific objectives of the program

  • Connector.

    Analyze the concept of entrepreneurship and its implications for social development.

  • Connector.

    Study and work on the necessary tools for generating social innovation projects that address the current issues.

  • Connector.

    Exposing students to project management tools especially existing financing alternatives.

Courses will be online through multiple tools that facilitate interaction between students and faculty. The course duration is three months; starting with a warm-up session on the 17th of December 2017, Then the classes will start on Friday, January 12th and ending on Friday, March 23th. A total of 8 classes will be imparted.

On Friday April 6 (date subject to changes once the classes start) students are requested to present their final project in person at the University of Berkeley, for a panel of judges. This will require travel to California. Students will have to support their project demonstrating the data collected, the diagnosis made and objectives to fulfill. That same day the winner who will receive a scholarship to implement its initiative will be announced.

Year Founded

How to bring equality

We invite you to watch these videos and study these materials:


The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) and Prospera joined forces to design the first analytically rigorous course to design entrepreneurial solutions that promote social and economic equality in Latin America. The aim is to provide a space to understand the critical issues in Latin America, analyze new alternatives to solve these challenges and to design the most modern and relevant solutions to combat these challenges.

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at the University of Berkeley is a national research center dedicated to promoting knowledge and research on issues affecting Latin America.

CLAS aims to:

  • Hold public events that bring leading scholars, political and social leaders to the Berkeley community.
  • Provide support to professors and students in research topics.
  • Building a network of Latin American academics, students and professionals.
  • Create a wider network among academics through our website and publications

Prospera is a social enterprise, hatched in the halls of UC Berkeley, whose mission is to encourage public and private sectors to adopt a new vision of inclusive economic development with a gender perspective. We design systemic solutions to empower historically marginalized communities and encourage them to identify opportunities to generate revenue through meaningful activities for all members of the community. We provide the opportunity for dialogue and collaboration between all the stakeholders of the ecosystem in a urban contexts. Taking advantage of the global technological abundance, access to market information, and new growth industries, we are building a systemic solution for mexican women and their children who today are moving to cities in search of new and better opportunities.

Prospera aims to:

  • Create an ecosystem integrated by companies, universities, government representatives and key community leaders who have opportunity to generate revenue for low-income women.
  • Develop solutions that intersect where what large companies need and what local women can offer.
  • Promote income-generating opportunities that provide flexibility and a decent life for low-income women. The goal is that with a steady income they can achieve a real social advancement.